​​​​​​u.s. regulation a+ OFFERING

This Offering is available to U.S. residents only UNTIL NOVEMBER 15, 2017

17SEP15 CMX News Release re Extending Closing for Reg A+ Offering.pdf

CMX is conducting an exempt SEC qualified Regulation A+ fundraising program in the United States. We are offering USD $0.075 Units comprised of 1 Common Share and 1 Share Purchase Warrant exercisable for two years from closing at USD $0.15 per share. There is no minimum subscription amount. Non-accredited investors under SEC rules are limited to Units with an aggregate purchase price not more than 10% of the greater of the investor’s annual income or net worth (excluding primary residence).

CMX’s Form 1-A Offering Statement, including an Offering Circular dated January 13, 2016 and an Offering Circular Supplement dated February 28, 2017, has been qualified by the SEC by a Notice of Qualification issued on February 3, 2016. Under the Regulation A+ exemption, CMX is a Tier 2 issuer which allows the Offering to be made across the United States. The SEC’s Notice of Qualification and all of CMX’s filed documents can be found on EDGAR at:

U.S. residents interested in participating in the Offering may do so by emailing a completed Subscription Agreement (see below) to CMX and wiring funds to CMX's U.S. bank account. Bank wire instructions will be provided on request.

This Offering is not being made to, and there is no solicitation of, persons or companies resident in Canada.

Investors interested in the Offering should review the documents listed below. Additional information is available on this website. If you have questions please contact Jan Alston at (403) 457-2697, or by


CMX Corporate Profile (USA) January 17 2017.pdf


CMX Reg A+ Term Sheet February 28 2017.pdf


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CMX Form 1-A Subscription Agreement.pdf